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Invest in your protection by restoring your headlights to new!
It is very dangerous to drive with foggy headlights since you can’t see as well at night and during harsh conditions.

Use our service and protect your vehicle’s passengers and you.
Our services are mobile, we can come to you wherever you are, whenever.

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Why are my headlights not getting as bright as they should?

Take a look at your headlights. If they look like they have some fog or it’s faded on the lenses, it is time for a headlight cleaning.

Instead of buying new headlights or manually installing new lenses, save time and money and make them brand new again using our headlight restoration services!

If you do not see any oxidation, you might have some voltage issues, wrong bulb size, or electrical issues following with your headlight’s lighting system. Please refer to a mechanic for more specific details of what’s faulty.

Here at Lamont’s Detailing, we offer our headlight restoration/cleaning service for $85. 

Please give us a call for exact pricing, $85.00 is a estimated pricing.

Headlight lenses over the age or not taken care of properly oxidizes or fades.
The sun UV rays over-time eat away the headlight lenses, manufacturers make headlight protective coating that prevents this.

The coating that protects against UV rays gets damaged over time from rock chips, scratches, or any type of damaging to remove or peel the coating off.
We at Lamont’s Before & After Mobile Detailing highly recommends getting our headlights serviced by us because this can pose a danger to you and your vehicle’s passengers.

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